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About Us

"Pioneers in Public Wi-Fi Hotspot Systems" (Recommended for Buses, Cabs, Coffee Shops, Restaurants, Office Spaces, Hospitals and many more...!!!)

Who are we & what we do?

We are pioneers in the field of custom Design & Development Of next generation Public Hotspot Technology, cloud managed online /offline media streaming technology Also specialized in deployment of Passenger announcement system We as a team constantly are working and innovating in order to develop world class IoT (Internet of Things) to make all over lives even more easier with the help of latest technology. we provide various products related to Socal Wi-fi Hotspot, Cloud TV entertainment, Various Announcemnt systems, Offline media streaming and many more to come. we help business owners to deploy all these latest high end technology products in their premises and manage them as well if they want for them with full technical support 24/7

In Short Summing that Up!!

We ll never stop offering support and guidance to you as We want you to grow non stop in your endeavour"


Find Our All Products and Its Features Below

Airfi Hotspot Systems

(Public Wi-Fi Hotspot Router)

Airfi Offline Entertainment

(Play videos for your customers offline)

Cloud TV Entertainment System

(Schedule custom ads and play videos)

Passenger Announcement System

(Electronic friend to guide your customers)


24/7 Support

We have 24/7 customer care support onboard for any assistance or issues.If Wi-Fi is unavailable or you are unable to use the Wi-Fi for any reason, please feel free to get in touch with our Customer Services team (040-48503262) with your feedback. We ll be happy to assist you!

Remote Diagnostic & Management

This exclusive capability enables to diagnose WI-FI issues without sending a technician to the jobsite, keeping costs and downtime to a minimum.Our company can even update software on your WI-FI device remotely from the office.

Onsite Engineer Support

Our Company provides consistent on-site technical presence where you can check your network or device on a regular basis, catching problems before they turn into any catastrophes.Our company also provides on-site support for any urgent assistance; to enable bus Wi-Fi using help of our technicians 24/7.

Free Future Firmware Upgrades

Since we know technology keeps changing in just a blink of our eyes, this worries the business operator for future upgrades and hence we have got your back once you become our client you get free access to all our future firmware updrades . This is something that sets us apart from rest.

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