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Reverse Mortgage which is also called as HECM (Home Equity Conversion Mortgage) is a safe, effective way to access  equity as a non-recourse, HUD/FHA loan. It enables people 62 and over to access a portion of the equity in their homes for many different purposes such as paying off a mortgage, paying off credit cards or other debt, creating a lifetime income and or setting up a line of credit that grows and builds up over time creating more borrowing power for the client. all of these things can assist a person in retirement planning and setting up a strong financial position.

Stay in Your Home

The key to a HECM (Reverse Mortgage) it that it enables you to live in your home for as long as you want with absolutely no monthly mortgage payments

Federally Insured

HECM is managed by the Department of Housing and Urban Affairs and is federally insured. For any lender defaults, you’ll still receive your payments

Access Cash Flow

How you use the funds from HECM (Reverse Mortgage) is up to you – go traveling,Pay Medical Bill,pay for your children’s college education.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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