About Us...

" We live by passion, strive for perfection "

Here at MedCuisine, supplying the best products is not only our promise, it is our vision. From the selection of our products to the delivery of your order, our focus remains on three simple things: quality, service and… quality (yes, this is how important it is for us). Why such thing? Because we believe the greatest dishes come out of the greatest ingredients. We also believe these greatest dishes come from you and we can’t wait to be a part of it!

What’s MedCuisine?

MedCuisine, it’s first of all a group of passionate reunited around one shared vision of what food should taste like. From chefs and catering professionals to hospitality industry specialists or food retail experts, our team has much more than amazingly tasty products to offer… Your delivery comes with loads of knowledge, experience but most importantly: LOVE.

Who’s MedCuisine for?

Tahini enthusiast, olive oil connoisseur, restaurant owner or distributor? You want the top and will not be satisfied with a second best. We’ve got your back and here we are with THE best selection of Mediterranean delicacies. Whether your needs are to get your hands on a jar of this delicious sesame paste or to insure continuous supply of a large-scale operations, our dedicated crew will take you on board to your journey through MedCuisine.

Let’s be serious about that ONE THING…

Although the whole world decided sesame paste would be called Tahini, this spelling is actually a mispronunciation of “Thina” (click on this to hear our Tahini nerd teaching you the proper way: tɑːˈhiːnə). It is very similar to the Arabic word for “flour” and almost identical to the Hebrew word for “grinding”. Just think about it: at the dawn of mankind (or at list of the Middle-Eastern kind), Tahini stood shoulder to shoulder with wheat and flour. So how come half of the world today knows what bread is but has never tasted good tahini?

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