WordPress Web Development
Course 2022

Welcome to GWiz Academy! This is a live demo site to check all the possible elements the Elementor has to offer you can use this site to check possibilities of elements of Elementor both Free and Pro versions. I created this site while creating a course on Elementor Pro during the course we created 5 projects as well along the way all the links will be provided below. Feel free to checkout this website for free and if you like our work also do checkout the course where you learn everything about building amazing websites from scratch using Elementor & Elementor Pro.

Learn everything you need to build amazing and cool websites on WordPress by learning #1 Page Builder Elementor - Both Free and Pro.

Build a sales landing page from scratch, using all the fundamentals we have learned so far, gain real-world project experience.

Build a Corporate Business Website Integrate various features Payment button, Live chat integration, Email notification and many more..

Start creating awesome News Portals, Travel websites, blogs for yourself or for your clients and charge a good amount professionally.

Build a e-commerce website for Your business or Clients Covering topics like setup, taxes, shipping, payment gateway integrations etc.,

Build personal portfolio website and flex your skills, projects and make a way for companies and potential clients to get in touch.

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