ENGAGEMENT PLATFORM to create simple & convenieNt experiences

Our mission is simple: Create simple experiences for organizations to effectively connect with their constituents.

Who we are

Grit Seed is a software startup based in Buffalo NY that is on a mission to help organizations change how they connect with their constituents using the power of texting, videos and mobile experiences.

Grit Seed creates a seamless and convenient experience for customers, employees, candidates, students, members, alumni and others to engage more effectively.

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Our Beliefs

At Grit Seed, we believe that if we create simple experiences that leverage platforms that people love to use everyday we can increase engagement and results for organizations

- Leverage the power of texting, Whatsapp, WeChat, FB Messenger, Viber and other platforms to create a better experience
- Use videos to deliver your message
- Instead of asking your constituents to change, use platforms that they already use

Grit Seed is a 2 way engagement platform that can enable your organization to connect with people when it matters

How we work

Organizations use the Grit Seed software platform to create a frictionless experience for their constituents.

We have create simple solutions to the following types of use cases:

- Candidate & Student recruiting
- Employee engagement and retention
- COVID daily screening practices
- Customer engagement

Let's chat. Text DEMO to 716-412-2133 to connect with us.

Text DEMO to 716-412-2133
to see the Grit Seed experience

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